Go all-in on Woo-woo


How Things Change when you Hang Around the Woo-woo Crowd


My best friends are all in on woo-woo. Woo-woo people are positive, happy, encouraging, and they just know things are going to work out. And when sad things happen in life, we have the strength and resilience to get through it. We support each other. This is Love in its truest form. Woo-woo is all about mindfulness, help and healing, and love. The best kind of friends you can ever have.
If you want to become really easy-going and have a really positive perspective of where your life is headed, hang around a bunch of psychic mediums for a while. Things happen. Woo-woo friend Jan says, “Hey, John, you know you’re struggling a bit about moving forward in your career? Spirit says to take off the lead boots. Yep. That’s what they said. You know what to do now, right?” Yes I do. I’m getting in my own way. I’m over-thinking things and not taking the next step that I know is the right next step. Lead boots.
Then Woo-woo friend Sally says to me “I have a message for you. Do you want to hear it?” Well, of course I do. “Spirit says to collaborate. Don’t go it alone. Gather trusted partners around you, and you will all succeed together.” Of course. We succeed by helping each other. In fact, the helping is the success. The outcome is a secondary benefit.
What if you could receive guidance from God/Spirit/Universe every day? What if you knew that Spirit had your back, and that just a little nudge here or there would send you in the right direction? Hanging around with psychics gave me a bit of a joy buzz, and an excitement, knowing that Spirit was helping me every step of the way.
But I also realized that I didn’t need to rely on those messages coming through my psychic friends. They were the same messages I was receiving from my own communication with Spirit, even though those messages were less direct. Every Tarot reading I do for myself sends me in this same direction. Every feeling and emotion I receive during meditation is this: You are more capable than you can imagine. We’re here to help you do amazing things.